About Balance Bare

Are you familiar with the feeling of toiling over the snacks in the grocery store and being frustrated when a glance over the nutrition label reveals the snack in your hand claiming to be healthy is, in fact, full of nasty ingredients and preservatives? Or have you taken a healthy snack home, only to find it tastes awful? We know these feelings all too well, and it was this confusion, frustration, and disappointment that led to the creation of Balance Bare.

Balance Bare is the brainchild of Katie Lolas, a well-known blogger in the health and fitness space. Katie’s mission was simple: create a range of snacks that are nutritious, without sacrificing on taste. That mission has been accomplished with Balance Bare.

The Balance Bare range is made from wholesome, natural ingredients, including plant protein, dates, and nuts, without containing any refined sugar, nasty additives or preservatives. They’re vegan too! With a selection of delicious products, and more in the pipeline, Balance Bare is your new go-to snack for an afternoon pick me up, post-gym energy hit, or evening sweet treat.

Say goodbye to snack confusion and hello to guilt-free snacking with Balance Bare.