Pear, Vanilla & Maple Granola Crumble

What if we told you that you could enjoy a warm, delicious crumble just like your nan makes, while fuelling and nourishing your body at the same time? Well, you can! The base for the crumble in this recipe is Lola’s Granola from @balance.bare which is high in protein and fibre, and refined sugar free. Don’t forget to throw on a scoop of ice cream though, because life is all about balance, right?

Pear, Vanilla & Maple Granola Crumble
You will need: 

● 1 and ½ kilos pears

● 2 tbsp tapioca flour

● 2 tbsp coconut sugar

● 2 tsp vanilla extract

● 3 tbsp water

● 1 and ½ cups Balance Bare granola

● ½ cup plain flour (use gluten free for a gluten free crumble)

● ½ tsp salt

● 5 tbsp coconut oil

● 4 tbsp maple syrup



Step 1. Preheat the oven to 180 C. Peel and dice the pears, discarding the core.

Step 2.  Place the diced pears in an oven-safe pie dish (or similar baking dish). Sprinkle over coconut sugar. Dissolve tapioca flour in water and mix in vanilla extract. Pour over tapioca mixture into the dish and toss everything around so the pears are evenly coated.

Step 3. Bake the pears for 20 to 25 minutes or until softened, stirring once or twice so the tapioca flour can thicken the pear juices as it’s baking.

Step 4. While the pears are baking, combine the granola, flour and salt in a mixing bowl. Melt the coconut oil and whisk with the maple syrup. Pour liquid into the granola and stir until it forms a wet crumble mixture.

Step 5. Gently spread the crumble over the top of the baked pears and return to the oven for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown. Serve the crumble warm with ice cream or yoghurt.



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